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Risk Communication During and After Pandemics
International Pandemic Preparedness and Response Conference
Traders Hotel, Singapore,18 April 2011

Regional Integration and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases Surveillance in Asia and Europe
Asia-Europe Foundation
Singapore, 27 January 2011


Engineering the Future
Battle of Ideas Festival
Royal College of Art, London, UK, 31 October 2010

Beyond Risk Management
ASIS International Conference
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore, 22 October 2010

Crisis Management in Urban Environments
China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (CELAP)
Shanghai, China, 14 October 2010

Multi-Sectoral Approaches to Managing Health Pandemics for APEC Economies
Concludng Remarks
Japan-Singapore Partnership, Singapore, 1 October 2010

Threat Communication and the Amplification of Fear in a Post-Political Age
Fables of Fear Conference
CPRACSIS, Thrissur, Kerala, India, 8 August 2010

Human Security: from Idea to Practice
La Trobe University
Melbourne, Australia, 8 June 2010

Mumbai to Manila: The Consequences of Using a Language of Doom to Describe Traditional and Non-Traditional Security Threats
Danish Institute for International Studies
Copenhagen, 27 April 2010

Reconciling Growing Energy Demand with Managing Climate Change in Asia
Institute of South Asian Studies
National University of Singapore, 15 March 2010

Perceptions of Security in a Culture of Doom
IVth European Security Conference
Zugspitze, Germany, 5 March 2010

Terrorism and Communication
École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées
Paris, France, 12 February 2010

Cultural Influences on Perceptions of Risk
Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique
Paris, France, 10 February 2010

Risk Perception and Management
Maritime Challenges and Priorities in Asia
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, 21 January 2010

Question Time
Debating Matters India Final
British Council, New Delhi, India, 15 January 2010


Risk Perception and Risk Communication
NTS-Asia National Convention
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, 4 November 2009

De-Radicalization – to what?
CENS-WISI Workshop on Radicalization and De-Radicalization: Global Lessons
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, 3 November 2009

Is there a global power shift from West to East?
Battle of Ideas Festival
Royal College of Art, London, UK, 31 October 2009

The Impact of the Language of Therapy on Public Policy and Societal Resilience
Therapy Culture Revisited
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, 5 October 2009

Has Asia Been Resilient to Natural Disaster Events
and/or to Terrorist Attacks?

Anti-Terrorism International Working Group Panel
INCOSE 2009 International Symposium, Singapore, 20 July 2009

The Nexus between Religion, Radicalism and Terrorism: How Real?
23rd Asia-Pacific Roundtable
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2 June 2009

Keeping the threat of Bioterrorism in Perspective
Biocontainment, Biosafety and Biosecurity 2009
Institution of Chemical Engineers, One Portland Place, London, 28 April 2009

Risk, Resilience and Countering Terrorism
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, UK¸ 24 April 2009

Countering Internet Radicalisation in South-East Asia
Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore, 23 April 2009

Building Social and Psychological Resilience
3rd Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers
Civil Service College, Singapore, 21 April 2009

Concepts and Theories of Risk Management
3rd Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers
Civil Service College, Singapore, 20 April 2009

Home-Grown Nihilism versus Islamist Terrorism
Singapore Management University, Singapore, 16 March 2009

Addressing Youth Alienation and Preventing Radicalisation
The High Commission of Canada, Singapore, 5 March 2009

Debating Matters India - Question Time
British Council, New Delhi, 16 January 2009

How and Why the West became Paralysed by Fear
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 15 January 2009

Global Terrorism or Home-Grown Nihilism?
Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi, 14 January 2009


China’s role in Africa
Battle for China Conference
Norton Rose, London, 12 July 2008

The Sociological basis for Trust
Trust in Me
Royal Institution, London, 30 June 2008

Risk Management in a Post-Political Age
Police Service of Northern Ireland C3 Conference
La Mon Hotel and Country Club, Belfast, 1 April 2008

Home Grown Nihilism
What is a Time of Terror?
University of Antwerp, Belgium, 29 February 2008

Obsessions with the Unknown
Intelligence, Evidence and the Construction and Management of Risk
Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick, 6 February 2008

When Health Scares become our Daily Meal
The Amigo Society Lunchtime Talk
Radisson SAS EU Hotel, Brussels, 15 January 2008


Home Grown Nihilism
UCL Centre for Security and Crime Science Seminar
University College London, London, 4 December 2007

What are the Barriers to Science in the 21st Century?
Battle of Ideas Conference
Royal College of Art, London, 28 October 2007

Iraq – What Next?
Battle of Ideas Conference
Royal College of Art, London, 27 October 2007

The Domestic Security Environment
The Future of British Defence Policy
Joint Services Command and Staff College, Shrivenham, 13 October 2007

This House Believes that Current US Foreign Policy Cannot Win the War on Terror
Durham Union
University of Durham, 12 October 2007

Terrorism: How worried should we be?
Brighton Salon
The Terraces, Brighton, 10 October 2007

Chemical and Biological Weapons as Public Concerns: The Role of the Media
Countering Chemical and Biological Weapons Proliferation
Wilton Park, West Sussex, 30 September 2007

Science and Risk
Aerosols 2007
Manchester Central, Manchester, 20 September 2007

Misunderstanding the Meaning of Contemporary Terrorism
Interrogating Terror Conference
University of Brighton, 12 September 2007

Addressing Risk Perceptions: the Role for Industry
From SMEs to Multinationals: Trends, Best Practices and Future Perspectives
A.I.S.E. General Assembly, Amsterdam, 14 June 2007

Security and Government
Britain and Security
Chatham House, London, 13 June 2007

The Broader Cultural Context
Terrorism: Is Our Way of Life Under Threat?
Dauntsey’s School, Wiltshire, 12 June 2007

The Science of Risk
Cheltenham Science Festival
Town Hall, Cheltenham, 8 June 2007

Domestic Terrorism
Parliamentary Inquiry into Tackling Terrorism
Committee Room 15, Houses of Parliament, London, 5 June 2007

Home-Grown Nihilism: The Clash Within Civilisations
Terrorism in the UK: A workshop on Radicalisation
Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, London, 2 May 2007

The Concept of Risk
Inaugural Design Against Crime Lecture
University of the Arts, London, 24 April 2007

Science and the Perception of Risk
The Office of Science and Innovation
Department of Trade and Industry, London, 16 March 2007

Resilience in the Face of Terrorism
Warwick Business School Lecture
The University of Warwick, Warwick, 9 March 2007

What Science and Technology can Contribute to the War on Terror
King’s College London, Maxwell Society Conference
Cumberland Lodge, Windsor, 3 March 2007

Towards Strategic Risk Management
Department of Work and Pensions
Holiday Inn, Doncaster, 27 February 2007

Misunderstanding the Meaning of Contemporary Terrorism
Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation Seminar
London School of Economics, London, 20 February 2007

Resilience in the Face of Terrorism
School of Psychology Visiting Seminar Series
University of Birmingham, Birmingham, 6 February 2007

National Resilience in Crises
Asia-Pacific Programme for Senior National Security Officers
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 19 January 2007


Understanding the Meaning of Contemporary Terrorism
London in a Time of Terror: the Politics of Response
Birkbeck College, University of London, London, 8 December 2006

Looking to the Future
Terrorism and Extremism Conference
The British Library, London, 7 December 2006

Plymouth International Studies Centre Seminar
The University of Plymouth, UK, 17 November 2006

Are We Paralysed by Risk Aversion?
Battle of Ideas Conference
The Royal College of Art, London, 29 October 2006

Presumptions on Radicalisation
Understanding Islam in the 21st Century
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, UK, 26 October 2006

Building and Maintaining Public Resilience
Social and Psychological Effects of Radiological Terrorism
NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Bratislava, Slovakia, 24 October 2006

Conspiracy Theories and the Politics of Fear
Port Talk
Goodenough College, London, 19 October 2006

Risk Management and the Politics of Fear
SKYDD International Security Conference
Stockholm International Conference Centre, Sweden, 20 September 2006

Towards Strategic Risk Management
The Institute of Risk Management Risk Forum
Keele University, 19 September 2006

Celebrating Development
British Dam Society Conference
Durham Castle, 7 September 2006

New Security Research
British Association Festival of Science
University of East Anglia, 4 September 2006

Risk Management
International Mine Action Training Centre
Nairobi, Kenya, 9 August 2006

Risk Society and Resilience
Soliswiss Board Conference
Kartause Ittingen, Switzerland, 15 June 2006

Limitations of Risk Management Approaches to Fighting Terrorism
ACPO/Home Office Joint Research Conference: Organised Crime
Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, 8 June 2006

Public Panic and Morale: Lessons From the Blitz and Other Disasters
Fear – An Interdisciplinary Conference
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 19 May 2006

Expert Panel Meeting on Alcohol Consumption in Europe
The Weinberg Group
Brussels, Belgium, 9 May 2006

Paralyzing Development Through Public Engagement and Risk Communication: The Case of Hydro-Electric Dams
Environmental Hazards and Risk Communication Conference
The Royal Society, London, 20 April 2006

Terrorism Research Update
Exclusive Analysis Briefing
Lombard Street, London, 31 March 2006

Pathways to Radicalisation – The Wider Social and Cultural Context
Asylum and Security Conference
The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, 27 March 2006

Understanding Scientific Risk in Context
Social and Ethical Issues Concerning Protocells: Key Questions and Answers
Palazzo Franchetti, Venice, Italy, 16 March 2006

Terrorism in Europe and the World
Young Fabians Seminar
Italian Embassy, London, 9 March 2006

Limitations of Public Involvement in Infrastructure Development
Dams and Sustainable Development Conference
Institution of Civil Engineers, London, 21 February 2006

Maintaining “Business as Usual” – A New Mind-set
Aviation Resilience in the 21st Century – Prevention, Response and Recovery
Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 9 February 2006

The Limitations of Contemporary Counter-Terrorism
The Risk and Security Management Forum
Union Jack Club, London, 2 February 2006

Was 9/11 a Conspiracy?
Oxford Union Forum
University of Oxford, 23 January 2006

Terrorism in Perspective
Emerging Markets, Trade and Political Risk 2006
Whitehall, London, 19 January 2006

Limitations of Risk Management in Dealing with Disaster
Department of Defence Management and Security Analysis – Research Seminar
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, UK, 12 January 2006


Business Continuity – Beyond Risk Management
Survive 16th Annual Conference
Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London, 17 November 2005

Responses to Asymmetric Attacks
Transnational Terrorism Project
Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, London, 14 November 2005

The Challenge Within
Tackling Organised Crime in Partnership
Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London, 1 November 2005

What Next for … Anti-Terrorism?
Battle of Ideas Conference
The Royal College of Art, London, 29 October 2005

Headline Debate
The Royal Institution of Great Britain
Piccadilly, London, 27 October 2005

Defence and Development: A Special Role for the UK and France?
Corporate Responsibility in International Development
École Polytechnique, Paris, 22 October 2005

Perception of Threats and Real Resilience
Sveriges Säkerhetsting
Eskilstuna, Sweden, 11 October 2005

Risk in Perspective: Toxic Policies
CTPA Annual Business Forum
The Grove, Chandler’s Cross, UK, 10 October 2005

International Terrorism: Implications and Directions
Terrorism, Tourism and Crisis Management
Visit Scotland, Edinburgh, 7 October 2005

Ethics versus Experimentation: Scientific Advance in a Culture of Precaution
Social and Ethical Issues in Protocell Research: Assessing Risk and Responsibilities in an Uncertain World
Venice International University, Italy, 2 October 2005

Addressing the Wider Community
Understanding Islam in the 21st Century
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, UK, 29 September 2005

Terrorism and Community Relations
Institute of Ideas – Health Forum
St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, 14 September 2005

Animal-Rights Terrorism and the Demise of Political Debate
Huntingdon Life Sciences
Cambridgeshire, UK, 1 September 2005

Contribution of the Science and Technology Community in Responding to Terrorist Threats
ESRC Technology, Governance and Security Workshop
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, 19 July 2005

Social Resilience
Public Sector Security Conference
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, 18 July 2005

Exaggerating Risks and Missing the Real Threat
Emergency Planning Society Annual Conference 2005
Harrogate, UK, 29 June 2005

Suicide Bombers vs Sexual Abusers: A Battle of Depravity or Western Fixations?
The Barbarisation of Warfare
University of Wolverhampton, UK, 28 June 2005

Fearing Terror
The Hive
Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 18 May 2005

Understanding Hazard and Risk to Build Confidence and Trust
NCV/NVZ Annual General Meeting
Utrecht, Netherlands, 11 May 2005

The Concept of Risk
Health, Foreign Policy and Security
Nuffield Trust, London, 6 May 2005

Animal-Rights Terrorism and the Demise of Political Debate
NETCU Stakeholders Conference
Cambridgeshire, UK, 26 April 2005

Animal-Rights Terrorism and the Demise of Political Debate
IAT Congress
Glasgow, UK, 17 March 2005

How Policy Makers Approach the Public’s Resilience
NATO Advanced Research Workshop, University of Kent, 26 February

Opening Remarks
Homeland Security
SMi, London, UK, 23 February 2005

Terrorism and the Politics of Fear
Perse School
Cambridge, UK, 11 February 2005

International Terrorism
Surrey Emergency Services Major Incidents Committee
Kempton Park Racecourse, Surrey, UK, 9 February 2005

The Limitations of Risk Management in Dealing with Disaster
Social Contexts and Responses to Risk Conference
University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, 29 January 2005

The Domestic Management of Terrorist Attacks
Anti-Terrorism, Media and Publics
Regents College, London, UK, 14 January 2005


Resilient or Vulnerable? The Consequences for UK Security of Assumptions about Human Behaviour in a Disaster
British International Studies Association Conference
University of Warwick, UK, 20 December 2004

Chemical Reactions
Royal Institution of Great Britain
Piccadilly, London, 23 November 2004

Is Real Resilience Attainable?
Wide Area Crises – Resilience and Recovery in the 21st Century
SMi, London, UK, 15 November 2004

Facing the Possibility of Bioterrorism
VIIth International CBRN Defence Symposium
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, 12 November 2004

Animal-Rights Terrorism and the Demise of Political Debate
Annual General Meeting
Coalition for Medical Progress, Wellcome Trust, 6 October 2004

Nanotechnology and Risk Assessment
Labour Party Conference Fringe Meeting
King’s Hotel, Brighton, 28 September 2004

Risk Assessment and UK Policy
Science and Society in the Face of the New Security Threats
NATO Advanced Research Workshop, University of Cambridge, 27 September 2004

What can the Science and Technology Community Contribute?
Science and Technology Policies for the Anti-Terrorism Era
NATO Advanced Research Workshop, University of Manchester, 13 September 2004

The Domestic Context of the War Against Terror
International Intelligence Directors Course
Defence Intelligence and Security Centre, Chicksands, Bedfordshire, 5 July 2004

Fear and Self-Loathing in the West
Ideologies of Anti-Americanism: Cross-cultural Perspectives
Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford, 12 June 2004

Prioritising Chemicals for Attention: Risk versus Hazard
REACH: A Science Based Approach
Scientific Alliance, London, 3 June 2004

Transport/Commuter Security – Two Months on from Madrid
Homeland Security and Resilience
Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, London, 19 May 2004

Terror in an Age of Insecurity
The Age of Insecurity
The Institute for Cultural Research, London, 15 May 2004

Government and Media Influences
Perception Gap: Public attitudes to security and the impact on corporate decision-making
Demos, London, 11 May 2004

The Costs of Precautionary Chemicals Regulation
Science and Politics – Special Symposium
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Prague, 19 April 2004

How Accountable should Scientists be to the Public?
Oxford Literary Festival
Town Hall, Oxford, 27 March 2004

The Precautionary Principle: Is it Killing Innovation?
An Apology for Capitalism?
Economist Conference, Whitehall, London, 20 February 2004

Who’s Afraid of the Modern World?
The Way We Live Now
Fabian Society Conference, Imperial College, London, 7 February 2004


General Trends
Therapy Culture: Cultivating Vulnerability in an Uncertain Age
King’s College London, 22 November 2003

Plenary Session
Countering Terrorism: The Experience of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, London, 22 October 2003

The Cultural Background to Risk Aversion and its Consequences for Resilience
Global Security and Resilience Symposium
Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, 9 October 2003

Chemical and Biological Weapons
Global Public Affairs Conference
Dorchester Hotel, London, 3 October 2003

9/11 – Two Years On
Liberal Democrat Party Conference Fringe Meeting
Hilton Metropole Hotel, Brighton, 21 September 2003

Emergent Concepts of Risk
Risk in its Social Context
University of Plymouth, 9 September 2003

Political Stability: Impacts on Global Business
Institute for Practitioners in Credit Insurance and Surety
University of East London, 18 August 2003

European Chemicals Policy
World Congress on Risk
Brussels, Belgium, 24 June 2003

The Challenge of Terrorism
World Congress on Risk
Brussels, Belgium, 23 June 2003

Peer Review and Public Experts
Ideas, Intellectuals and the Public
Goodenough College, London, 22 June 2003

Chemical and Biological Weapons
Festival of Science
Cheltenham, England, 8 June 2003

Closing Remarks
Communicating the War on Terror
Royal Institution of Great Britain, Piccadilly, London, 6 June 2003

Public Dialogue in Science
Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology
Portcullis House, Westminster, London, 13 May 2003

Risk and Chemicals
Stockholm Network Conference
Geneva, Switzerland, 7 May 2003

Cultural and Psychological Aspects of the War on Terror
Psychological Aspects of Terrorism and Martyrdom
University of Ulster, Derry, 30 April 2003

Genes and Society Conference
Battersea Arts Centre, London, 26 April 2003

Genetically Modified Crops: Time to Say Yes?
Genes and Society Conference
Battersea Arts Centre, London, 25 April 2003

The Challenge of Terrorism
SMi Homeland Security Conference
The Hatton, London, 20 February 2003


Can We Trust the Experts?
International Book Festival
Edinburgh, 18 August 2002

The Loss of Trust
Science, Medicine and Expertise in Contemporary Society
Oxford Union, 15 June 2002

Getting Regulation Right: The Uses and Limits of the Precautionary Principle
21st Century Trust
Merton College, Oxford, 7 April 2002

The Demoralization of Science
Demoralization: Morality, Authority and Power
University of Cardiff, 5 April 2002

The New Morality of Risk Awareness – A Case Study
Medical Research Council – Institute for Environment and Health
Leicester, 21 March 2002

Public Health Communication and ‘New Terrorism’
NATO Parliamentary Assembly Sub-Committee on the Proliferation of Military Technology
King’s College London, 4 March 2002


The True Cost of Precautionary Chemicals Regulation
Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
London, 19 July 2001